i2 Produces Rapid Analytical Solutions


Using our Analytical Framework approach, we quickly delivered according to your requirements.  i2 Enabled solutions allow you to make the most of Data Alignment, Analytical Models, and Visualizations to optimize your business.  Below are just a few examples of output from our custom Data Driven solutions.



Example Time-Series Analysis and Visualization


Often, time-series data is used to analyze and act on key areas of your business.   The combination of Analytical Modeling and Composite Visualizations to quickly compare Time-Series data are a powerful combination.




Dashboards for Market Analysis example


The Domestic Natural Gas market is in a constant state of change.  New market drivers change flows on a regular basis, we provide tools to help you align and analyze domestic NG data based on market dynamics.



Planned Maintenance Analysis Dashboard example


Combining Analytics and Visualization allows companies to pro-actively manage decisions against the appropriate time-windows based on planned/unplanned data internally and in the market.